Tesla Cybertruck logo leaked ahead of the new vehicle’s presentation

Last week, Elon Musk announced in his tweeter that Tesla would unveil a new model called the Cybertruck. While this pick-up truck is going to be presented on November 21st at Musk’s SpaceX facility, we can see now the new electric vehicle’s brand logo as it has recently leaked on Tesla fans’ forum Tesla Motors Club.

Judging on the Cybertruck logo, the car might be named CYBRTRCK as the lettering lacks the “E” and “U”. Anyway, as if inspired by sci-fi movies, the badge looks quite stylish and futuristic while each letter is drawn with just a couple of strokes. Such a design reminds the SpaceX logotype with its broken lines, conforming much to the spirit of Tesla. Whether a badge like that will appear on the front or rear end of the truck or not, the trademark is certainly an excellent example of Tesla’s creativity and attest to its tendency to extreme solutions in technology and designing.
As for the Cybertruck itself, there is little information about it yet. Musk mentioned in his tweets that the pick-up truck’s electric engine would be matched with an all-wheel-drive gearbox as a standard, and such a drivetrain would show “crazy torque” and towing capacity of nearly 300,000 lbs. The upper price level for the Cybertruck is expected to be at $50,000.