New Zealand’s apple brand receives new design

The brand Jazz Apple, owned by the New Zealand fruit & vegetable manufacturer T&G Global, has got a refreshment. The certified Jazz apple cultivar is also available in the UK, US, Australia and the EU countries. Now, the brand is to stand out from the crowd with a new premium apple type.

The Jazz apple cultivar, which is a cross between Braeburn and Royal Gala, has been present on the market for 25 years. As T&G Global explains in its press-release, the way customers choose foods has changed. When it comes to snacks, customers pay more attention to healthy nutrition – this can also be seen at supermarkets. And the company is aiming to get this fact back in the spotlight.

As a part of the rebranding, the logo sticker, which is now mandatory on many apples, has received a form of a leaf and a lighter shade of blue. The “JAZZ” wordmark has been designed in a different, playful typeface with letters aligned along the same baseline that makes it easier to read. In the new iteration, it is accompanied by two leaf elements with red and green strokes. The “APPLE” lettering has also been changed to be in accordance with the general design.



Perhaps, many consumers will be surprised to learn that an apple cultivar can also be a brand. So it’s quite understandable that manufacturers are eager to present their brands in the best way. With this, stickers on fruits are a kind of hallmarks or indicators as the choice of apples in many supermarkets is just enormous. And if the trademark catches the eye, the goal is reached.