Spain’s La Liga is about to adopt a totally new logo

According to the information leakage published by the sports edition FootyHeadlines, the La Liga logo is going to be changed, seven years after the previous facelift.

While the current version of the La Liga logo was introduced in 2016, the change of the identity is said to be planned by the championship’s board in connection with the change of the sponsor as EA Sports is coming instead of Santander. The source also says the emblem has already been finalized.

The football enclosed by seven patches in the colors of the rainbow was first introduced in 1993 and slightly redesigned in 2016. Now, it will likely become history.

As for the leaked badge, it will be made up of the all-cap lettering “LALIGA” and an LL sign, colored in light red. The typography is carried out in a more expressive manner, distinguished by stylized letterforms with sloped lines.

There are comments on the web that the rebranding will also influence La Liga’s integrated typeface, and corporate typography will be like that of the new logo.

Another innovation concerns the naming. Beginning from the 2023/24 season, the competition will receive the commercial name LaLiga EA Sports FC, accordingly to the new sponsor’s name. But this is not the first name change in La Liga. In 2015, the name LFP (Liga de Fùtbol Profesional) was reduced to La Liga to make the brand more recognizable across the globe and avoid confusing it with France’s LFP (Ligue de Football Professionnel).

Overall, the new design formally brings fresh air at least. We see the league going to make a 180-degree turn as the symbol and typography provide an appearance that is near to the codes of the young generation.

Replacing the football, the LL symbol establishes a new association with La Liga. Its outline is more modern and expressive. The reduction of the color gamma to one hue adds a certain stylishness to the brand.

The brand LaLiga can become really iconic through all of these innovations, corresponding with the environment in which young people spend most of their time, including cyber sports, series, and the urban culture in general. And not least, this design is likely influenced by EA Sports which is known for its sports video games such as FIFA, NHL, and NBA Live.

La Liga’s rebranding confirms that the cycle of identity updates in sports clubs and competitions is getting shorter. In many cases, as with Spain’s football top tier, this is connected with a change of sponsorship.