Glengoyne: Unhurried excellence

Officially founded in 1833, Glengoyne is a popular Scottish brand producing different malt whiskies with an average age of 25 years. Such a long aging of the whiskies corresponds to one of the principles of the Glengoyne distillery – deliberation – that formed the basis of the company’s new visual identity.

The renovated look of Glengoyne was forged by the Bristol-based design agency Taxi Studio. According to the studio’s head Karl Wills, the process of the design revamping can be called a “respectful rejuvenation”, being based on the distillery’s motto “unhurried” as it reflects how the company takes care of the whiskey manufacturing and how much time it needs to make a high-quality product.
As “Glengoyne” derives from the Gaelic word “Glenguin” that means “Glen of the wild geese”, the brand has been using geese as its symbol for years. The Taxi Studio team refreshed the design for the Glengoyne roundel with these birds and a sand-glass that emphasizes the time theme expressed in the slogan “No one takes more time and care”.

The goose is also engraved on the packaging, along with a new round primary label referring to a clockface with clock marks on the edging, but without clock hands that, again, reminds us of timelessness. The bottles now are made of recycle glass, having a wooden badge instead of a metal one previously.
As Wills said, all of these changes were carried out to make Glengoyne a sustainable brand with a unique personality and an impeccable style.