Somersby: The Tree of optimism

Since 2008, Danish brewing giant Carlsberg offers cider beverages under the brand Somersby. Initially, the Somersby cider of 4,5% abv was being sold in Danmark, then the brewing company gradually introduced its product in 46 countries across the globe. For a better marketing, Carlsberg created a special story saying that the branded cider was invented by English lord Somersby who supplied his excellent beverage for the Royal court.

Recently, Somersby has received a new identity forged by Elmwood, a design company headquartered in Leeds, UK. While working on this “juicy challenge”, the designers proceeded from the idea of joy and lightness that is expressed by the new slogan “Refreshingly Optimistic”. Instead of a simple depiction of an apple tree which was Somersby’s previous logo, they created an image of a “living tree” that, featuring cheerful colors and waving curved lines, is intended to symbolize enjoying and embracing life.

The design going beyond the apple theme corresponds with the whole Somersby line-up which includes, aside of apple cider, beverages with taste of pear, watermelon, blackberry, blueberry and other fruits. Each taste will be marked with a special color and a different design of the living tree.
According to Pernille Arnt, Carlsberg’s marketing director, Somersby, being more than just a cider, unites in itself innovation and craftsmanship. It tells about quality, joy and positiveness, encouraging consumers to celebrate life. And with the new identity, the Somersby products will be sufficiently recognizable on any market.

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