Basketball Ireland updates its logo and web-site

While Ireland is hosting the 2021 FIBA European Championship for Small Countries, the basketball governing body of the country, Basketball Ireland, has rolled out its visual identity including a new logo and web-site. The organization hopes that the renovated look will help the Irish players proudly represent their country in international competition.

BI’s new logo was created by designer Adam Ingler who is no stranger to basketball as his parents, Annette and Marc, are the founders and coaches of the DCU Mercy, a basketball team of the Dublin City University, and Adam himself played in this club as well as in Killester BC.

Compared to the previous nondescript emblem of BI in violet, yellow and light green, with abstract figures hitting a basketball, the new logotype can be called an embodiment of the famous Irish pride. Executed in a bright emerald tone, it represents a basketball with a shamrock on. The insignia also includes the wordmark “Basketball Ireland” in the sans-serif Gilroy typeface. In general, design is distinguished with clearness and simplicity. The same green shade was used for the new design of the BI web-site.

Ingler says he appreciates the opportunity to cooperate with the basketball association as a designer. Working on BI’s identity, he aimed to create something that could symbolize Ireland as a nation and express the essence of the Irish basketball community.