Popeyes unveils new restaurant design and logo

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, Popeyes shows its ambitious plans to expand the business worldwide. The chain calls its expansion and renovation program “The Modern Popeyes Renaissance”, and as a part of it, the company has recently presented its new look including packaging, restaurant design and logo.

The refreshed Popeyes image has been forged by Jones Knowles Ritchie, an international design agency that worked with such famous brands as Burger King, Dunkin’ Donuts and Budweiser. The designers created a new color scheme for the Popeyes stores that from now will show off brighter colors and hand-drawn iconography outside and visually more spacious and airer rooms inside.

The Popeyes logo has also been changed to more fit the new, sustainable style of the brand. Rid of the red background element for “Louisiana Kitchen Inc.”, it has turned all-orange (the color the company calls “unapologetically orange”) with a straighter and lighter lettering. Generally, the new logotype perfectly reflects the renovated Popeyes look full of freshness and openness. The same orange theme will be the main feature of the food packaging.
Encouraged by the 38% income growth last year, the chain is going to open its locations in China and some other countries. The Chinese assets of the company, according to the “Renaissance plan”, will include almost 1,500 stores, the first of which was already launched in Shanghai on May 23rd. All of this demonstrates Popeyes’ confident optimism amid the tough times.