Omlet: Tender loving care for animals

Founded in 2004, Omlet is a British brand involved in the production of various breeding and care devices for chickens, rabbits, guinea pigs, and other domestic animals and pets. In fact, the business originated as a graduation project by four students at the Royal College of Arts in London, UK. They started with a chicken coop model called Eglu, which has already sold 150,000 units.

Omlet’s success is rooted in research that addresses questions like “Can my chickens go outside while I stay indoors?”, “How high can my cats climb?”, or “Is this rug truly comfortable for my dog?”. These inquiries serve as the foundation for the brand’s products, which are developed through observations of living creatures. To emphasize its international growth, the company has undergone a visual identity overhaul with the assistance of London-based agency Ragged Edge.


While toys and other products for pets are typically designed to appeal to children, Omlet focuses on creating convenience for the animals themselves. This design principle was showcased in the previous logo, featuring unconventional typography.

In the new emblem, which maintains the general style of the previous identity, more consistent letters with sleek curves are introduced, resulting in a unique and pleasant wordmark. This design enhances readability with the overall consistency of rounded ends, particularly visible in the “O” shaped like an egg, as a nod to the company’s original focus on chicken-oriented manufacturing.


In addition to the logo, the branding incorporates two typefaces. One of them is The Hammer by Out of the Dark, a bold linear typeface with slightly rounded corners. It is intended for use in Omlet’s impactful phrases, conveying an energetic and vintage aesthetic. The choice of this font emphasizes the brand’s engineering expertise, complemented by the friendly supporting typeface Fellix from the Displaay foundry. Omlet’s typographic compositions are often combined with 3D illustrations, some of which are animated.

The company’s communicative design creates a whimsical universe, characterized by a color palette dominated by bright and cheerful colors inspired by the environments in which our beloved companions reside. This graphic system helps Omlet reinforce its image not only as an experienced manufacturer of pet products but also as a creator of amazing moments that can be shared with our four-legged friends.