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For more than forty years the company from New Orleans, Louisiana, has been struggling to win its dominant way as a fried chicken chain. The result is that it has swept not only the USA, but also the world. At present the company offers careers to approximately 60,000 employees in different countries. Such a success was due to a lot of factors, one of them being the company’s symbol.

Popeye's Chicken slogan
  • Louisiana Fast

  • Love that Chicken!

  • Party with Popeye’s.

  • Love That Chicken From Popeye’s

Meaning and history

Popeyes Logo history

1972 – 2001

Popeyes logo 1972

The Popeyes logo history started in 1972. That year Alvin C. Copeland set up a restaurant. In its early days it was called “Chicken on the Run”. A bit later the owner renamed it, inspired by the main character Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle from the detective movie “The French Connection”.

Unlike the names of other fast food chains, there is no apostrophe in “Popeyes”. The founder used to joke about it saying he was “too poor” to afford one when he started his business.

The brand’s first signature mark was a simplified image of a house with the word “Popeyes” in white against the background of a red roof. There was also the lettering “Famous Fried Chicken & Biscuits” in the logo. Besides red and white, the color palette included orange and yellow.

Popeyes Logo-1972

Some time later the brand utilized the “dancing” wordmark logo. It consisted of the word “Popeyes” in red with a blue trimming and the blue “Chicken & Biscuits” below it on a yellow ribbon. The emblem was colorful and amusing.

Popeyes Chicken and Biscuits logo 1999

2001 – 2008

Popeyes Logo-2001
The redesign of the Popeyes logo from 2001 was all about the color palette. Though the lines of the friendly bold letters were slightly refined and cleaned, the change of the shade from bright pink to dark red was the most noticeable refinement. In the new shade, which was close to burgundy, the logo started looking more professional and fundamental.

2008 – 2019

Popeyes Logo-2008

In 2008 the chicken chain underwent an all-round brand transformation. In fact, it was a whole range of initiatives aimed at refreshing the brand and the Popeyes menu. The brand needed a more contemporary logo design that would appeal to a younger generation.


They placed significant emphasis on the brand’s Louisiana heritage, which was a distinctive feature of the campaign. The design company Pentagram Design from Austin was in charge of creating a new visual brand identity, including the logo. Soon Popeyes said goodbye to its old blue-and-red logo and introduced a new one.

Popeyes logo 2008

It was that year that the company acquired its full brand name ‒ Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.

2019 – Today

Popeyes Logo

At present Popeyes uses three logos:

  • the Popeyes horizontal dancing letters logo (the primary one);
  • the horizontal Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen logo with the fleur-de-lis symbols;
  • the Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen seal (a circle containing the fleur-de-lis symbols and the dancing “P” icon).

The fleurs-de-lis symbolize New Orleans, the brand’s hometown, and are a reminder of its heritage. Any Popeyes vector logo looks great on the facade.


Popeyes symbol
To achieve the friendly, playful look, Popeyes again chose “dancing letters” for the revamp of 2008. The custom font had been in use for several years and had become well-known. Of course, this time the company updated it so as to express the brand’s youthful personality. The basic shapes of the letters are the same but they are straight.


Popeyes logo

The colors found in the logo ‒ red, orange and white ‒ repeat the original design of the restaurants. They also give a hint of the seasonings in which many products the Popeyes menu is famous for are marinated.

The eye-popping color scheme has not failed to justify the hopes set on it ‒ it makes the brand’s visual identity look optimistic, inviting, and therefore, appealing.

Interestingly enough, in 2011 Popeyes logo was featured among 15 most successful brand refreshes in the past few years.

Besides the visual identity, the company resorts to other ways of attracting customers. Thus, their pricing strategies include discounts, Popeyes coupons and Pay Day deals.