General Motors unveils new logo symbolizing electocar priority

Last week, General Motors presented its new visual identity, changing its logo for the first time since 1964. The rebranding is a reflection of GM’s new strategy in which the company will steadfastly move to only electric vehicle production. Launching the “Everybody In” campaign, the automotive giant is going to promote its EV’s as well as sustainable technologies.

Overhauling the iconic GM trademark, the company tried to express its new path of production, the ideas of eco-friendliness and the technology implemented in electric vehicles. In renovated logo, the GM initials have become lowercased, placed inside a frame with rounded angles. The emblem’s milder and a bit three-dimensonal design with its light blue gradient color give a modern perception and symbolize clean environment and blue skies that people will have, using EV’s.
Another remarkable change is the underline that was featured in the previous GM logo – now it is only under the “m”, and the space between the two elements can be seen as a reference to the shape of an electric plug. According to a GM statement, it is also a visual representation of the Ultium battery platform, which will be installed into the 2022 GMC Hummer truck and other future electrocars of the manufacturer, giving them up to 1,000 hp and 450 miles of range.

As Deborah Wahl, GM’s chief marketing officer, said, the new brand identity looks vibrant and optimistic, intended to convey the company’s technological and financial efforts invested into the development of electric vehicles. General Motors is planning to launch 30 EV’s across the world during the next five years. Besides the Hummer pick-up, the models we can see by the end of this year or in the beginning of the next year will probably include the Cadillac Liriq which is reported as a SUV.

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