Poco unveils its new visual identity

In January of 2020, Xiaomi’s Indian subsidiary Poco declared its independence from the parent company, claiming it would have its own team and much more. To celebrate its first successful year as an independent enterprise, the brand has announced its new logo and mascot that can be another evidence of the fact that it is trying to set itself apart from the Chinese manufacturer.

The new mascot is essentially based on the angry/mad emoji with addition of a kind of a growling mouth, halo as well as Android robot-style antennas. Sharing the explanation for all these elements, Poco says that the antennas mean wild and naughty activity, the halo refers to a sense of goodness with a cause, and the red eyes and mouth, contrasting with the halo, create a peculiar incongruity, while standing for sharp wit.

The mad emoji stands as the first “o” in the Poco wordmark, symbolizing the company’s spirit of “eccentricity and madness”. Poco’s vigorous principles are also expressed in its new tagline “Made for Mad”. With this, the branding is intended to evoke emphatic emotions in consumers, offering the idea of standing out from the crowd, as Poco’s official statement says.

The new visual identity will expectedly appear in the Poco X3 Pro planned to be presented in March. With this smartphone, the company launches a new line-up of the mid range devices.