Amazon: More iconicity for the smile-arrow

Just like Nike’s Swoosh which is a sign of the company in itself, Amazon’s smile-arrow seems to have become an iconic and recognizable symbol alone. That can be seen in a new logo of the online giant’s updated mobile app featuring the arrow only, without any wordmark.

Although the previous version’s shopping cart reflected the initial commercial ambitions of the brand, it looks a bit amusing now when Amazon has reached the top in e-commerce, digital streaming, cloud computing and artificial intelligence. So, ditching the cart, the app’s new logo conveys the company’s contemporary image, representing a cardbord box with rounded corners and the smile-arrow that together with a blue band on top, resembling a fringe, makes up a kind of a smiling face. This is quite an admirable design solution creating a cheerful perception – as if the smiling face tells the customer that his order has arrived.

In addition, it’s a good sign for Amazon to show it is staying successful in spite of the coronavirus pandemic, doubling its income during the crisis. In recent years, Amazon’s advertisements have been emphasizing the positive spirit of the company and demonstrating its iconic smile.

While Amazon’s original symbolism alluded to the Amazon river, in the 2000’s, the company created a new visual identity reflecting the principle of integrity and satisfaction for customers. The smile-arrow has really become well-known for its double meaning: positivity as well as purposefulness and completeness encompassing everything from A to Z.