New logo for 2020 NHL Stadium Series is unveiled

On the 10th of October the logo for the upcoming Stadium Series was revealed by the NHL. The first game of the season is scheduled on the 15th of February 2020. This time the Colorado Avalanche, the host of the competition, will face off with the Los Angeles Kings at the Falcon Stadium.

As the central element of the 2020 Stadium Series logo it’s chosen an image of the Cadet Chapel, located on the Air Force Academy campus. In the upper right corner there’s pictured a jet, flying over the Chapel, one more indication on the host of the forthcoming significant hockey competition.

The new logo shape bears a resemblance with the Air Force Academy class crests, made by graduates at the end of each academic year, which is also quite traditional and symbolic.
But it has even more resemblance with the 2018 Stadium Series logo. For 2020 Series emblem NHL Creative Services utilized not only the similar shape but also similar font. In type design they made sort of a color reversal, which shows the coinciding traits between the emblems but at the same time brings fresh elements in the overall look. The new logo has a dark text over a light background while in 2018 variant it was a light text over a dark background. Similar features between the two logos were used intendedly, to point out that the future game, analogos to that of 2018, will be played at a US military site.

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