Mozilla releases Firefox v.70.0 with new security tools and logo

Rich functionality and regular updating made Firefox the second web-browser after Google Chrome in the ranking of popularity. Recently, Mozilla has released the 70th version of the application. Now, the updated Firefox featuring such new functions as Blocking cryptomining and Enhanced Track Protection comes with a renewed logotype.
While most companies tend to hide their plans about a new identity, Mozilla chose to be totally transparent. The company shared the ideas it was creating in cooperation with three independent design teams allowing the user community take part in the process.


According to Tim Murray, Mozilla’s artistic director, Firefox is more than a browser now, and the new logo represents the whole product range created for comfort and security of users.
Visually, the fox and the sphere seem to turn faster as if disappearing in the distance and leaving a violet line behind. The turning fox and fire symbolize freedom of movements while the colors are evolving like in the rainbow. Deliberately abstract, the Firefox emblem displays a concerted range of shades.
As for the technical functions of the new Mozilla Firefox, they are focused on privacy and security allowing to block tracking from the third parts. The anti-tracking protection is supported by the lists compiled by the community. Once registered, dangerous cookies and bugs will be blocked, and by pressing the Shield button, the user can get their detailed overview.

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