Microsoft updates Windows logo along with 100 app icons

Microsoft is modernizing Windows logo and icons for a great number of the operating system’s applications. It was known a year before of the company’s intentions to update icons, and the beginning of the considerable change is marked by the Office icons modernization. Microsoft is currently doing redesign of over a 100 icons across the company, utilizing absolutely new colours, materials, and finishes.

While redesigning icons, the main challenge was to show new look and maintain familiarity for PC users, said Jon Friedman, corporate vice president of design and research at Microsoft. He noted, that the other task of the redesign was to maintain consistency, because today some of the old icons after decades since their last renovation look rather dated and inconsistent. According to J. Friedman, the team of designers also had to create an open design system flexible enough to span a range of contexts while still remaining true to Microsoft.


In the refined icons software maker revealed a new design concept for Windows, which is a part of the future modernization of Microsoft’s software and services under the Fluent Design set of principles. In its icons rebranding Microsoft didn’t try to make big changes, but restrained by subtle tweaks not to spoil the recognizability of the icons.


Presentation of Microsoft Design included a few dozens of revamped icons of Microsoft services — Word, Excel, Power Point and many others. Renewed icons have not flat colour, unlike previous versions of Windows, but gradient one with 3d effect. According to software producer, the gradient hue also contribute to icons more dynamic look.


The technology company didn’t give prominence to the operating system logo, but attentive users noticed it in one of the images. Judging by the image, the white cross, separating the elements of the flag, is now drawn under a slight angle. The logo has more rounded edges and blue colour gradients. It’s the first Windows 10 logo change since its release in 2015.


Microsoft didn’t tell the exact time when the OS will be presented in the new design but experts believe that Windows 10 with refined icons will be released in the second half of 2020.