Massey Ferguson celebrates its 175th anniversary with new logo

Originating from a Canadian factory, Massey Ferguson is the US largest agriculture machinery company. While the brand will celebrate its 175th anniversary, it has unveiled its new visual identity under the motto “Born to Farm”.

According to the company’s global marketing vice president Francisco Murro, 2022 will be the year of the new global brand Massey Ferguson.

The brand was established in 1847 in Newcastle, Ontario, Canada by Daniel Massey. In 1891, merged with a business owned by Alanson Harris, the company was officially named Massey Manufacturing company. Winning two gold medals at international expos, the firm distinguished itself by a number of innovations including the GP tractor and the No 20 self-propelled combine harvester.

Through the Marshall Plan in 1947-48, the Massey Harris machinery appeared in Europe. In 1953, the company merged with the Ferguson Company, after which the joint Massey-Harris-Ferguson business adopted a logo made up of three triangles.

The fresh version of the iconic emblem combines the company’s heritage and new brand values. The overlapping triangles symbolize the cooperation between Massey Ferguson, dealers, and farmers, as Murro said.

In the new iteration, the triple triangle shape showcases a modern and sleek design with an interaction of the interlocking elements. Drawn with a single gesture, the logo has to convey the idea of dynamism, while the flat appearance makes it fit for digital materials.

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