Merged Truist gets a logo

Truist Financial Corporation, launched after the merger of BB&T and SunTrust Banks in December 2019, continues forming its new identity by unveiling a logo.

The name for the merged company was announced in June 2019, and according to the banks’ representatives, it appeared as a result of branding researches and surveys among the employees and focus groups. However, “Truist” met some criticism for being an odd word that is hard to pronounce and “sounds like a medicine against arthritis or eczema”.
Nevertheless, the branding process goes on, and the company has recently presented its visual identity intended to express its aspiration “to build a better future for clients and communities”, as Truist’s official statement says.

The Truist visual brand unites in itself the heritage of both banks. Having combined SunTrust’s blue and BB&T’s burgundy, the designers defined purple as a signature color for the brand. While the two T’s, forming a monogram, refer to the company’s name and, at the same time, stand for “Touch and Technology”, the square, that enframes them, means stability and secureness. In addition, such a design featuring straight lines fits more to be displayed in digital materials.
As Truist’s chief marketing officer Susan Johnson said, an entity like a bank doesn’t obligatorily need a glaring design. The company’s identity just keeps the best traditions of BB&T and SunTrust.

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