Holiday brand Center Parcs updates its logo

Established in 1968 by Dutch entrepreneur Piet Derksen, Center Parcs is an international network of holiday villages that currently operates a number of resorts in eight European countries as well as China. The tourism brand has entered the new year with a new visual identity, hoping to refresh its image in the industry.

Tourism has accelerated much after the tough times of coronavirus, promising to increase the income for many providers. According to Frank Daemen, a member of the board of Center Parcs, the company became one of the leaders in the industry last year. “We can now look back at the year full of success for us”, he said at the press conference in which the company’s brand-new design was presented.

Center Parcs’ new look, including a logo, was developed by the British brand agency DesignStudio. The green bird the company has had as its symbol since 1996 gives the way to an emblem dominated by a wordmark. Such a simplifying solution fully corresponds to modern logo design, oriented towards digital environments.

The Center Parcs lettering is executed in a custom typeface based on the Rational Text font, while Greenish Cyan is designated as a brand color which is also used for the design of the company’s website. The logo also includes a sign made up of stylized “C” and “P”, hence, forming together a kind of a tree. All of this is intended to express the idea of sustainability, symbolizing the connection between nature and people.

As the company says, the refreshed brand identity marks a new stage in the history of Center Parcs that is trying to rethink itself with a new propriety structure. The repositioning also means that the brand orients more to popular forms of recreation and plans to build new facilities with millions of investments.