Sydney’s Inner West Council presents a $90,000 logo labeled as “waste of money”

Inner West Council was formed four years ago after a merger of three councils located in the western region of the Sydney metropolitan area. Right after its forming in 2016, the council adopted an interim logo, planning to create a more consistent identity in the future. Recently, it has finally presented a new logotype that, however, has been severely criticized by the local residents saying it is a waste of money as it cost $90,000.


According to an official statement on the Inner West Council website, the work on the new look began two years ago. The development group formed by the authorities included design specialists and representatives of the local community who had to draw out general ideas for the creative process.

The council’s new logo represents letters formed with rectangle and triangle blocks – in black-and-white and colored versions, and, as the Inner West officials say, reflects the diversity, vibrancy and creativity of the community. With this, the shapes symbolize the harmonious life of the Inner West neighborhoods.

Regardless of the officials’ explanations, people expressed their disapproval over the new emblem. Many think the council has spent taxpayers’ money uselessly instead of investing into improving services for the community. The logo has been described as hideous and awful. In response to the public reaction, the council’s members have promised to discuss the issue at the next meeting.