Condor: Striped vacation

Established in 1955, Condor is a German airline offering flights to the Mediterranean Basin, Asia, Africa, North and South America as well as the Caribbean islands. Recently, the company has received a new brand identity distinguished by a bright striped design. Condor’s airplanes will be repainted with colorful stripes “for a good mood”.

As the airline explains in a press release, Condor has undergone some changes over the last two years as it evolved from a subsidiary of a vertically-integrated tourism group to an independent airline “which is proudly looking back at its history and tradition, and, at the same time, paving the way to the future”. So, Condor is willing to express this evolution with a different visual identity including a logo, brand colors and typography.

According to the company’s statement, Condor is vacation. And vacation is stripes. As Germany’s most popular airline, it presents its new brand identity: in the future, Condor will carry stripes of five colors. With its new look inspired by parasols, terry towels and chaises longues, Condor turns into a unique holiday airline. “Stripes are our trademark. Our logo reflects our heritage, and the colors stand for diversity”, Condor’s CEO Ralf Teckentrup says.

The gray-and-yellow gamma which was used over decades has been refreshed. The new color palette symbolizes the sun (yellow), passion (red), sea (blue), islands (green) and beach (beige). It also stands for the diversity of cultures and destinations offered by Condor. The airline’s new slogan is “Passion is our compass”.

As for Condor’s new logo, it was redesigned in a conservative way, unlike the general visual identity. The emblem switched from yellow to black, while the wordmark became all-lowercase, placed before the airline’s plane symbol now. With this, the typography features the Helvetica typeface as a tribute to the design created by Otl Aicher in 1962 for Lufthansa which was a parent company of Condor then.