Inter Milan’s new logo leaked

Over the last couple of weeks, people on the web have been discussing a photo of a pre-match jacket with an allegedly new logo of Inter Milan. According to a report of Italy’s Gazzetta dello Sport, the famous soccer team were really thinking of changing their emblem or even altering their name. While Inter’s renaming is still in doubt, the rumors of the club’s new visual identity have recently been confirmed by a Twitter user who discovered an official trademark application filed by the team.

The new Inter logo retains the overall design of the team’s traditional symbolism, that appeared with the club’s founding in 1908, as it features the interlacing “I” and “M”. However, it lacks the current emblem’s “F” and “C” standing for “Football Club”, and that may be a hint that Inter Milan can really be renamed. While team’s full name in Italian is now Football Club Internazionale Milano, it’s not ruled out that its short version, known outside Italy, will be adopted officially.

The roundel’s wide black bordering, instead of the black-blue-gold rim, supports the laconic lines of the IM monogram. It also makes up quite a stylish combination with the deep blue background. For the whole visual branding, the emblem will be accompanied by the all-caps black wordmark “INTER”.

While the Italian media say Inter’s new look will be presented in March, Alessandro Antonello, the club’s CEO, denied that it will receive a new name. At the same time, he said that, for more than a year, the team has been developing a marketing project based on the heritage of Inter. Its goal is to unite Inter’s millions of fans and to make a clearer and stronger connection with the city of Milan.