Inter Milan Logo

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Internazionale Logo
As one of Italy’s oldest football clubs, Football Club Internazionale Milano (Inter Milan) has had its logo modified more than 15 times. Interestingly enough, the current version looks very much like the original one.

Meaning and history

history Internazionale Logo

The original Inter Milan logo featured the letters “FCIM” joined together intricately. The symbol, which appeared on the black background, was surrounded by three white rings. The author of the emblem was Giorgio Muggiani, a painter, who also happened to be one of the club’s founders.


Internazionale Symbol
Some of the crests introduced later in the club’s history had nothing in common with the logo FC Internazionale Milano adopted in its first days. For instance, the three logotypes used in 1928-1945 were not based on the interlacing “FCIM.” The same was true about the emblems unveiled in 1960, 1961, and 1978.

Current emblem

Internazionale emblem
And yet, the club has been returning to its original logo again and again until eventually in 2014 it introduced a roundel emblem where the iconic interlacing initials were placed inside three rings – black, blue, and gold.


logo inter milan
The noble gold hue dominating the Internazionale logo looks very eye-pleasing when paired with the muted shade of blue. White and black elements provide the finishing touch.
inter milan fc logo