INSP TV rolls out a western-inspired logo

Initially launched as a Christian TV channel in 1978, the INSP network has transformed into a digital broadcaster over the last decade. With a rebranding in 2010, the network switched to new programming oriented to the family values, introducing a new logo and adopting its current name. A couple of weeks ago, INSP changed its visual identity again, reflecting its western-based programming.

The previous INSP logo, launched almost 12 years ago, represented a yellow arc over a lowercase wordmark. Although it was a laconic emblem, it still had an unclear meaning, having a weak connection with the network’s main entertainment product.

So INSP invented a new symbol that conveys its spirit more brightly – a cowboy hat. In addition, it perfectly fits the network’s slogan “Heroes Lives Here”. “The textured hat represents the people of the land, with heart and soul, who worked hard. We have some dirt under the fingernails, and our worn hat reflects this”, INSP says.

To strengthen the iconography, the hat is accompanied by classical typography associated with the Wild West. The old wood texture reminds us of the old western saloons.

Now, the INSP brand has received a real individuality that fits more for the products it offers to the public. With the visual appeal playing up the familiar images, the combination of the symbol and typography clearly identifies and differentiates the network from other TV providers like, for example, TCM.

So far, we can see only the new INSP logo. But we still have to see the rest of the rebranding project developed by Paula Scher and a Pentagram designing team, with all the network’s branded apps and assets.