Alaska’s Peter Pan unveils new look

Acquired by a US-based venture from Maruha Nichiro a year ago, Peter Pan Seafood Co., headquartered in Anchorage, Alaska, has unveiled a new visual identity to celebrate its first year under American ownership after being a part of the Japanese corporation for more than four decades.

Founded in 1898, Peter Pan has been a leading seafood company in Alaska for a long time. Its name is said to be adopted in the early 20th century when the then owner of the company had watched a Peter Pan stage play, being impressed much by the story of the mischievous young boy.

The company’s previous logo represented a wordmark that featured quite a whimsical vignette that, drawn out from the “R”, served as the bars for the “E”’s and the “A”. Apart from the serif lettering “Seafood Inc.”, the design seemed well suited for the spirit of the fairy tale by J.M. Barrie., being associated with the wonderful flyings of Peter Pan and his fairy Tinker Bell.

The new emblem showcases a more consistent and cleaner design. The Peter Pan wordmark is executed in a custom serif typeface, while the “Seafood”, as a part of the company’s name, in a sans font is separated with a bit curved line. With this, the logo continues the traditional combination of blue and red.

However, the most remarkable element here is the green cap of Peter Pan garnished with a red feather. As the company’s president Rodger May said, this is the best symbol for the company’s bold spirit of adventure and leadership.