Infiniti continues to evolve in its logo and branding

The Japanese premium car brand Infiniti has recently unveiled its new visual identity. The company’s logo was slightly transformed with some adjustments in its central corner which is inspired by the philosophy of Japanese design – a detail that tends to open an “inner way”.

The design embodies the Japanese concept of Ma, a philosophy that is concerned with a space between things. Unlike the Western concept of minimalism, Ma exploits the empty space to maintain a balance between the elements.

The rebranding was carried out by the Toronto-based studio Bruce Mau Design. This is the fourth iteration of the Infiniti logo since the brand was launched in 1989. The visual metaphor behind it is the infinite road to the horizon which becomes clearer with the separation of lines.

Compared to the previous version, the new emblem is drawn with thinner lines, and that applies to both the sign and wordmark. As the studio explains, this puts a greater accent on the “infinite road” and horizon line, while the wordmark with enlarged spaces between the letters harmoniously complements the emblem.

According to Asako Hoshino, the executive vice-president of Nissan Motors, which owns the brand, Infiniti is seeking to connect itself to the real luxury that is “simple, individual, and recognizable”. And this new dimensional emblem will soon appear on the hoods of Infiniti cars.

Besides the visual images and symbols to communicate with customers in all markets of the world, the brand is also going to use other means like sound and fragrance. Infiniti’s goal was to create a “multi-sensory brand”. This strategic concept aims to strengthen the connection with customers, offering them what the company calls “thoughtful hospitality” across all touch points.

So the company elaborated a distinct fragrance reminding of the Japanese forest. It is planned to be used at the brand’s events and in dealerships – there is no information about car cabins, though. The fragrance features hints of hinoki (Japanese cypress), sugi (Japanese cedar), and yuzu (Japanese citrus).

The sound branding was compiled of a female voice and the sounds of Japan. They were mixed for a branded music track entitled “Moment of Tranquility” which serves as a base for a sound logo. It is expected to be used for the brand’s future promos and car experiences.

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