Ferrari rolls out its 75th anniversary logo

As Ferrari will celebrate its 75th anniversary in the coming year, the Italian carmaker has posted a video presenting a “special icon” as well as a special logo. According to the manufacturer, the anniversary symbols were created by a Ferrari in-home designing team and reflect the spirit of the company and the principles laid down by Enzo Ferrari.

For the 75th anniversary emblem, Ferrari’s iconic prancing horse was incorporated into the big number “75” accompanied by the dates “1947-2022”. The logo is designed in red and white which are traditional colors of the brand, associated with Ferrari sports cars. It will be displayed at the special events the company will organize throughout 2022.

The “Cavallino Rampante” was also embodied into a sculpture made up as a puzzle by Ferrari specialists. It symbolizes the essence of Ferrari as well as the history and future of the brand, as the company’s chairman John Elkann said.

2022 is not just the year of Ferrari’s 75th anniversary. It will be an important year for the manufacturer as it has to release to the market its first-ever off-roadster Purosangue. At the same time, the brand is going to continue the Icona line-up paying tribute to its legendary models. After the Monza SP1 and SP2, Ferrari recently presented the Daytona SP3, a supercar featuring a V12 engine and a targa top, inspired by racing cars from the 1960s.

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