Cadbury rolls out first new logo in 50 years

The British confectionery company Cadbury has updated its logo for the first time in fifty years. The redesign that comes along with a new packaging for the brand’s Dairy Milk chocolate bar is a part of the rebranding program launched a year ago.

Cadbury’s iconic logo, however, hasn’t been changed much. Derived from the signature of William Cadbury, who was a grandson of John Cadbury, the brand’s founder, the emblem has received a finer design with straight lettering. Apart from the thinner letterforms, it is distinguished with a loop in the “b” from the old logo.
According to the official information from Cadbury, the refreshment’s goal was to bring a more modern look into the brand. As the company’s statement say, the revitalized Cadbury signature gives a more contemporary perception.

At the same time, Cadbury denies the rumors that it paid £1 million for the rebranding. While the company said the cost was “nowhere near £1 million”, it didn’t ascertain the precise figure.
While published, the new logo met a mixed reaction online. Some people described the logo update as “the most pointless”, noticing that the “u” and “r” together look like a “w”.
As for the new Dairy Milk packaging, it was redesigned in a simpler style, featuring the iconic glass-and-a-half theme. The revamped Dairy Milk will first appear on the Australian market in May. For consumers in the United Kingdom, it will be available in 2021.

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