DocMorris: A new logo for a new business scheme

Founded in 2000, DocMorris is one of the largest online mail-order pharmacies in Europe. With the annual income of $50 millions, it operates in Germany and the Netherlands. Transforming from a simple online pharmacy to a digital health care provider, the company has recently changed its brand identity.

While many things have been done to digitalize its health care services, DocMorris is saying goodbye to its old logo with a cross symbol it has used since its inception. As the pharmacy’s press-release says, with growing expectation of customers, digitalization can be a driver for a health care service to enter a new business level. Thus, it’s the right time for the company to show its commitment to the customer-oriented future and digital health care with a new visual identity.


DocMorris’ new emblem now is a heart. In social media, it will be used with no wordmark or lettering to be an exceptional symbol of the pharmacy. According to the company, the heart’s different shades of green reflect the wide range of the current and upcoming services, which make digitization even more personal and individual, including recommendations, drug therapy safety, care for chronically ill patients and medication plans. The new serif typeface for company’s name is to convey emotional closeness and warmth as well. It’s a huge leap from the clinically sterile look of its predecessor. Indeed, this represents a paradigm shift embodied on the visual level, having a nice lettering and an original serif font overall with exposed drops.