Autodesk updates its logo

Known for its AutoCAD engineering application and other software products, Autodesk, a multinational software company, has updated its visual identity. Adopting an one-color logo, the corporation has made the first step on its way to the entire renovation of its brand positioning.

Autodesk positions itself as the world’s leading firm providing software products for the engineering, architecture, construction, entertainment and education industries. Founded in 1982 by John Walker, who was a co-author of AutoCAD, the company, now, has more than 10,000 employees all over the world.

While Autodesk’s previous emblem, that featured a blue-and-green symbol looking like a lowercase “a”, was introduced in 2013, the company has fully redesigned both the logo sign and wordmark. The new Autodesk logo stands for “action, dynamism and a clear orientation towards the future”, as a press-release explains.


The new emblem features a peculiar symbol which is said to be a stylized “A”. Such a design is rather controversial as the sign is hard to identify as an “A”. It can be mistaken for an “1” or a bird’s head that would be appropriate for an airline company. Anyway, the logo is supported by the wordmark which was redesigned in a bolder typeface, compared to the old iteration, and seems to have different spaces in the “AUTO” and “DESK”, and that makes the latter look even bolder.

Although the new Autodesk logotype has been presented as an innovative solution, it still has some questionable points with its unclear design that seems not to fully reflect the high-tech spirit of the company.