Hudson: new identity for traveler’s best friend

Established in 1918 as a company delivering newspapers and magazines, Hudson has eventually evolved into a large travel retailing enterprise that includes about 1000 duty-free shops and newsstands in 87 airports across North America. Its staff numbers almost 10,000 employees.


Expanding the business, the company, affiliated to the Swiss brand Dufry, has recently carried out a rebranding by dropping the word “Group” from its name and introducing a new logo. Hudson’s new identity is itented to showcase its rich history and reflect the policy aiming to modernize its services for travelers in airports.

The company’s updated look was developed by New York-based design agency Siegel+Gale that, in its work, follows the idea of simplicity. And that can be noticed in Hudson’s new laconic logo with four blue rectangles which forms a letter “H” and, according to the company, symbolize four principles of the business – duty-free, convenience, special choice of goods as well as a wide range of food and beverage. The simple design of the “H”, resembling a window, and the sans-serif lettering “Hudson” convey the company’s heritage and its aspiration to improve the services and provide new opportunities for customers to make their traveling easier.

The collaboration with Siegel+Gale has resulted in a sharp brand with clear traits that can tell a story of Hudson’s evolution from a small retail to a leading travel experience company positioning itself as the “Traveler’s Best Friend”.

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