City Of Moose Jaw Updating Its Logo And Website, And Launching A New App

The City of Moose Jaw, the Saskatchewan province, Canada, is planning an update of the city logo in 2020, as well as modernizing its website along with the new application launch. The 4th largest city in the province is situated on the bank of the Moose Jaw River and near the Trans-Canada Highway 48 miles (71km) west of Regina.

Craig Hemmingway, Communications Manager for the City, lifted the veil of the new look of the future version of the logo. According to C. Hemmingway, the new logo, as well as the old one used to, will without doubt include the image of a moose, and feature either a whole animal, or some parts of it, as the moose is closely connected to the city and is an inseparable part of its identity. The Mac The Moose, the world’s largest sculpture of a moose at 10.36 metres (34.0 ft) tall and a weight of around 10 long tons, one more confirmation of the city ties with this lofty animal.

Hemmingway also revealed the approximate date of logo and app release, and website refresh. The target time is the previous period of the Scotties Tournament Of Hearts, Canada’s national women’s curling championship, which in 2020 will be hosted by Moose Jaw. Additionally, he told that the city authorities have had requests for service app to come out a few weeks before the new website and they decided to meet their residents wishes.


As for the website, it will not only get a brand new look but also a better performance and more user-friendly interface.

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