Volvo unveils new flat emblem

Volvo has decided to replace its logo. With this, the Swedish carmaker supports the global trend for design simplification, following several companies in its segment which converted their emblem into 2D. The logo debuted in the Volvo Cars profile on Facebook and gradually appears on the other websites of the brand.

Volvo has come back to its traditional circle-and-arrow design after it introduced a wordmark logo last year. The manufacturer’s key logo elements first appeared on the grill of the Volvo ÖV 4 launched in 1927. The symbol of Mars – both the Roman god of war and planet – stands for masculinity, and was used by medieval alchemists as a symbol of iron. In 1930, Mars’ shield and spear were featured in the Volvo logo for the first time, accompanied by the iconic Volvo wordmark, which has retained its recognizable serif typeface.

The renovated Iron Mark is distinguished with a refined design that seems to be following the Less Is More rule. The black thin circle isn’t closed now, having a shortened arrow in the gap, while the Volvo lettering is placed in the center. With its general design including the unclosed circle and centered wordmark, the logo reminds the emblem of Nissan presented in March 2020.

According to Swedish media, Volvo has confirmed that it is going to update its visual identity, and the new logo will start being used in Volvo vehicles in 2023.

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