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The New Mexico State Aggies are not a company but a collective term for the athletic teams representing New Mexico State University (NMSU). NMSU, a public land-grant research university, is the nurturing ground for these teams. The Aggies have made a name in collegiate sports, particularly excelling in basketball, football, and baseball. Operating primarily in the Western Athletic Conference, they have established a significant presence in NCAA Division I sports. The university’s sports programs are integral to its identity, fostering a spirited campus culture and community engagement across New Mexico.

Meaning and history

New Mexico State Aggies logo history

The New Mexico State Aggies, birthed from the historic foundations of New Mexico State University, which opened its doors in 1888, have carved a unique niche in collegiate sports. The Aggies emerged as a symbol of athletic prowess, though the precise year of their origin within the university’s timeline remains shrouded in a bit of mystery. Their journey is marked by notable triumphs, especially in basketball and football. The basketball squad’s storied past includes a remarkable journey to the Final Four in 1970, a testament to their skill and determination. Football, too, has been a field of glory and challenge for the Aggies, with memorable bowl appearances highlighting their journey. In the present day, the New Mexico State Aggies continue to uphold their legacy in the NCAA, showcasing a blend of tenacity and sportsmanship across various athletic disciplines. They stand as a proud representation of NMSU, fostering a vibrant community spirit and an enduring legacy in the realm of college sports.

What is New Mexico State Aggies?
The New Mexico State Aggies represent the athletic heart of New Mexico State University, engaging in a diverse array of NCAA sports competitions. Renowned for their dynamic basketball and football teams, they symbolize the university’s commitment to excellence in collegiate athletics, forging a path of distinction and spirited competition.


New Mexico State Aggies Logo-1986
The New Mexico State Aggies badge used by the club for twenty years starting 1986, featuring a simple yet bright combination of two letters, “N” and “M”, placed above the white uppercase “State” in a bold sans serif, on a dark maroon background. The monogram had its letters black and white, with the “M” placed a bit lower than “N”, and overlapping it.


New Mexico State Aggies Logo-2006
The redesign of 2006 introduced a new logo concept — with the image of a cowboy placed above a two-leveled inscription. The upper level was taken by “Aggies” in a bold serif font, with all letters capitalized and the first one enlarged. The bottom “New Mexico State” level was set in smaller capitals, italicized on a thin black banner. The cowboy was wearing a burgundy shirt and hat, a white neckerchief, and had a black lasso spinning above his head.

2007 – Today

New Mexico State Aggies Logo

The logo of the New Mexico State Aggies features a caricature of Old West gunfighter and lawman Frank “Pistol Pete” Eaton. Interestingly, the same character was depicted on the historic athletic logo of Oklahoma State used between 1973 and 2000.

On the New Mexico State Aggies logo, Pistol Pete is depicted in cowboy attire (a hat, a vest, and chaps). On the emblem introduced in 2007, Pete is holding two pistols in his hands.

New Mexico State Aggies Colors

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RGB: (134,31,65)
CMYK: (15,100,37,45)

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RGB: (151,153,155)
CMYK: (20,14,12,40)

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