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Southeastern Conference is a sports conference with 14 members from the Universities of the Southeastern and South Central states of the USA. The members of the conference compete in 21 sport disciplines, including nine men and twelve women.

Meaning and history

Southeastern Conference Logo history

The inception of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) traces back to 1932, born from a collective initiative of higher education institutions in the Southeastern United States. As an athletic confederation under the umbrella of NCAA Division I, the SEC has carved out a formidable reputation, especially in college football. Its history is adorned with numerous national championships, a testament to its dominance in the sport. The prowess of the SEC isn’t limited to the gridiron; it also shines in basketball, with teams frequently making significant runs in the NCAA tournament. Presently, the SEC stands not just as a sports powerhouse but as a symbol of excellence and resilience in collegiate athletics, continually adapting and thriving in the evolving world of college sports.

1932 – 1963

Southeastern Conference Logo-1932The oldest Southeastern Conference logo (1932) featured the abbreviation in a rounded sans serif typeface. There was nothing but the three letters in black.

1964 – 1965

Southeastern Conference Logo-1964On the 1964 emblem, the lettering was placed inside a black ring with gray filling.

1966 – 1969

Southeastern Conference Logo-1966The type grew angular. In the 1966 version, the letters turned white, while the circle turned black.

1970 – 1988

Southeastern Conference Logo-1970On the 1970 logo, the colors were replaced by yellow and blue respectively.

1989 – 2007

Southeastern Conference Logo-1989
The new badge for the Southeastern Conference was created in 1989 and featured a blue, white, and embellished composition with the stylized white “SEC” lettering in thick white lines and thin blue outline placed over the blue rhombus with a diagonally striped blue and white pattern. The “Southeastern” in the uppercase of a serif typeface was written in blue on a yellow rectangular banner and placed on the upper left corner of the logo, while the “Conference” in the same style and on the same banner — on the bottom right corner.

2008 – Today

Southeastern Conference Logo
The redesign of 2008 brought back the circular badge from the 1970s but redrawn it in a modern and fresh manner, with the voluminous yellow “SEC” lettering set on a solid calm blue circle. The letter got to come in straight white accents, which added energy and style to the whole badge.

What is Southeastern Conference?
Southeastern Conference is the name of the collegiate athletic conference with the 14 universities from central and southeastern states as the members. The conference is part of NCAA Division I and has a wide range of sport disciplines for the teams to compete in — 21.

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