NC-Wilmington Seahawks Logo

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The hawk has been the centerpiece of the NC-Wilmington Seahawks logo for at least half a century.

Meaning and history

NC Wilmington Seahawks logo history


NC-Wilmington Seahawks Logo-1977

Back in 1977, the athletic teams representing UNC Wilmington in Wilmington unveiled a logo depicting a hawk in flight. The bird was white with dark green trim.


NC-Wilmington Seahawks Logo-1986

In 1986, a completely new emblem was introduced. Now, there was an anthropomorphized hawk wearing the player’s kit. It looked pretty cartoonish, we should add.


NC-Wilmington Seahawks Logo-1992

In 1992, the cartoonish hawk player was replaced by an abstract bird facing to the left.

2015 – Today

NC-Wilmington Seahawks Logo

On the current emblem, which was adopted in 2015, the hawk is also rather abstract. This time, the bird is facing forward.