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The fact the athletic logo of Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York, features a fox seems only natural as it is the school’s mascot.

Meaning and history

Marist Red Foxes logo history

Founded in tandem with Marist College in 1929, the Marist Red Foxes stand as a testament to the college’s enduring athletic tradition. Originating in Poughkeepsie, New York, this athletic entity has become synonymous with Marist College, participating vigorously in NCAA’s Division I sports, particularly within the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference. The inception of the Red Foxes marked a new chapter in Marist College’s history, one that would intertwine academic excellence with athletic prowess.

Throughout their storied history, the Red Foxes have etched their name in the annals of collegiate sports. The men’s basketball team, for instance, has not only made impressive forays into the NCAA tournament but also brought national attention to the college through their spirited performances. Women’s basketball has mirrored this success, regularly clinching conference championships and making noteworthy appearances in NCAA tournaments. This pattern of excellence extends to soccer and rowing, with the rowing teams challenging for national titles and the soccer squads securing conference crowns, further amplifying Marist’s athletic reputation.

In the current sports landscape, the Marist Red Foxes persist in being a formidable force in NCAA Division I athletics. Their relentless pursuit of athletic distinction continues to enrich Marist College’s ethos, fostering a robust sports culture that transcends the boundaries of the campus. This enduring dedication not only elevates the caliber of their student-athletes but also bolsters the college’s stature in the broader spectrum of national collegiate sports.

What is Marist Red Foxes?
Marist Red Foxes embody the athletic spirit of Marist College in NCAA Division I, excelling in sports like basketball and rowing. Their legacy is a blend of historic achievements and a steadfast commitment to athletic distinction.

1994 – 2007

Marist Red Foxes Logo-1994

Earlier, the fox on the Marist Red Foxes logo was depicted behind a large black “M.” The creature looked very cute, which probably was not that good for an athletic logo.

2008 – Today

Marist Red Foxes Logo

As a result of the 2008 update of the Marist Red Foxes logo, the “M” was replaced by the word “Marist,” while the fox moved slightly to the left.

Marist Red Foxes baseball

Marist Red Foxes baseball logo

The school can boast a pretty successful baseball team. The Red Foxes have competed in seven NCAA Tournaments. They were the NEC Conference tournament champions in 1997 and have been the MAAC Conference tournament champions on five occasions.

Marist Red Foxes basketball

Marist Red Foxes basketball logo

As of 2019, the women’s team of Marist College in Poughkeepsie, New York has made 10 NCAA Tournament appearances and joined the Sweet Sixteen in 2007. They have been named Conference Tournament Champions on ten occasions and can boast 11 Conference Regular Season Champions.

The men’s team has competed in two NCAA Tournaments. They have been Conference Tournament Champions twice and Conference Regular Season Champions four times.

Marist Red Foxes Colors

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