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There are around 15 teams in the athletic program of Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.

Meaning and history

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders Logo history

1981 – 1997

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders Logo-1981
The first emblem, used by the athletic team from the Middle Tennessee State University was created in 1981 and used for more than a decade. It was a blue and white badge with the University name abbreviated and nothing else. Though it didn’t look simple or boring, as the MTSU lettering was set in a custom Sans-serif typeface with white lines outlines in blue from both sides.

1998 – 2006

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders Logo-1998
The redesign of 1998 made the logo more complicated, putting the whole name of the team under a graphical emblem and underlining it by the “Middle Tennessee” inscription in clean black capitals. The wordmark was set in two styles — “Blue” in bold blue capitals of a Sans-serif font, and “Raiders” in extra-bold font with custom letters in a double thin black and white outline. The emblem on the logo featured an elegant gray Pegasus, a winged horse, moving to the right.

2007 – Today

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders Logo
In 2007 the logo was changed again, this time in a very minimalist manner, with only two letters, “M” and “T”, on it. The letters were glued to each other, but with the “T” placed slightly lower than the “M”. Both were executed in an extra-bold square serif typeface, with bright blue bodies and a double white and black outline. This bright and clean badge looks good on the team’s uniform and evokes a sense of professionalism and stability.

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders basketball

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders basketball logo

The head coach of the men’s basketball team of Middle Tennessee State University is Nick McDevitt. They have participated in the NCAA Tournament on ten occasions, in the National Invitation Tournament on four occasions, CollegeInsider.com postseason Tournament on two occasions, and in the NAIA Tournament on one occasion.

The women’s team is coached by Rick Insell. It has reached the NCAA Tournament Second round on five occasions and has made 18 NCAA Tournament appearances.

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders football

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders football logo

As of 2019, the team is coached by Rick Stockstill. They have produced 13 conference championships, seven outright and six shared. They have won one division title since 2013 when they became a member of Conference USA.

Middle Tennessee Blue Raiders Colors

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