ETSU Buccaneers Logo

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ETSU Buccaneers Logo
While the current ETSU Buccaneers logo does not seem to have an apparent link to the buccaneer theme, the two previous emblems had it.

Meaning and history

ETSU Buccaneers logo history

If you have a look at the emblem introduced in 2002, you might be surprised by the somewhat sinister character it depicts. You cannot say for sure whether it’s a pirate or a ghost of a pirate. No matter what the answer to this question is, the character is wearing a hat with the lettering “ETSU.” Below the pirate’s (or ghost’s) head, the word “Buccaneers” and the name of the university can be seen.
The following emblem (2007) is simpler – there is just the pirate’s head wearing the “ETSU” hat.
The current ETSU Buccaneers logo (since 2014) has made one more step towards minimalism. There is just the large “E,” and only the shape of its middle bar and serifs can conjure up vague marine associations.

ETSU Buccaneers football

ETSU Buccaneers football logo
The team’s home arena is William B. Greene Jr. Stadium, while their head coach is Randy Sanders.

ETSU Buccaneers baseball

ETSU Buccaneers baseball logo
The men’s team has been pretty successful. It has competed in the NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Championship ten times (the last appearance in 2017). They have also appeared in Sweet Sixteen in 1968 NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Tournament.