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Nanimex is the name of an Indonesian web platform, which offers its users one of the largest collections of subtitles for anime and manga cartoons and movies. The website is free to use and does not require any registration for downloading the subs.

Meaning and history

Nanimex, or Nonton Anime, is the website, which allows all Indonesian anime fans to watch movies and series with subtitles in their native language. The subs catalog is updated daily, which means you will never be waiting too long to watch the latest episode of your favorite anime release.

On Nanimex you can browse the needed subtitles through the conveniently-built menu, with various categories and sub-categories, or just search by name. The interface of the website is very clean and friendly, and you do not have to be registered for downloading the subtitles.

What is Nanimex?

Nanimex is a website that contains a huge collection of Indonesian subtitles for anime and manga movies, series, and cartoons. You can download the subtitles of the latest releases directly to your device, absolutely for free and with no registration.

As for the visual identity of the website, Nanimex uses a simple and minimalistic style: a while logotype on a smooth and calm blue background for all pages of the website, and a cool bold icon for mobile devices.

2020 – Today

Nanimex Logo

The primary Nanimex logo features clean white lettering in the title case, in a modern and plain sans-serif typeface, set on a medium-dark blue background, the main color of the website.

As for the icon of the web portal, it depicts a black-and-white stylized Jolly Roger, with the skull set on a ship’s helm with four bones pointing to the sides. It looks modern and fun and reflects the purpose of the website.

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