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Bwin is the name of an online gambling platform, which was established in 1997 in Austria. Today the service offers sports bets and online-casino simulators and has more than 20 million players all over the globe. The company has a yearly revenue of about 430 million USD.

Meaning and history

Bwin Logo history

Bwin was established in 1997 under the name “Betandwin” and kept it u til 2006, so it’s the first logo that was fully based on the first name, but after the rebranding, the company decided to keep the typeface and color palette of the original version.

1997 — 2006

Bwin Logo 1997

The logo, introduced in 1997 was composed of a black italicized “” lettering in the lowercase, where “bet” and “win” parts were bold, and “com” was placed on the lower level near to enlarged black dot.

The inscription featured a sharp “tick”-like underline in yellow, which added style and energy to the composition.

There were two possible color schemes used by the online platform — black lettering on a white background, or white inscription with a yellow underline and without “com”, placed inside a black rectangle.

2006 — 2013

Bwin Logo 2006

The website changed its name and logo in 2006. Its first logo as the “Bwin” was composed of a bold italicized lettering in the lowercase, with the dot above the “I” in yellow and “com” in a narrowed elegant yellow font next to it.

There was also a tagline added to the logo — “A shortcut to new playing fields” in simple and clean sans-serif, also in black.

2013 — Today

Bwin logo

In 2013 the logo was simplified to just “Bwin” wordmark in black sans-serif. No color, no tagline, and no “com”. But it still looks very recognizable due to its italicized ele-gant typeface which hasn’t been changed since the very first version creation.