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MV Agusta is an Italian brand of the moto-manufacturing company, which was established in 1945. The brand’s original name was Meccanica Verghera Augusta and today it is one of the most famous companies in the industry, that earned numerous raving awards.

Meaning and history

MV Agusta Logo

The company was established as an aviation manufacturer, which still can be seen on the logo, that has never been completely changed, only slightly refined through the years.

The MV Augusta logo is composed of a three-dimensional emblem with the wordmark on its top, enclosed in a crown-like frame.

The new logo was performed in 2015, and the only difference from the original one is its volume and color palette of the wordmark part.

The iconic MV Agusta emblem features a gear with MV monogram and sharp wings, which were added to the badge in 1947. The golden-brown and blue palette of the emblem are accompanied by the pure white of the lettering, which adds a sense of loyalty and harmony to the brand’s visual identity.

When placed on the motorcycles, the logo usually features simple white contouring, which is elegant and timeless.

The MV Agusta logo is creative and artsy, its unique design concept makes the brand stand out in the list of all the brands of the industry. It is a reflection of Italian bright and bold style, a celebration of lightness and confidence at the same time.

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