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Metro Cammell Weymann (MCW), a notable bus manufacturing company, designed and launched the Metrocab in the United Kingdom, aiming it squarely at the public hire taxi market. This vehicle stands out for its spacious interior, ensuring passenger comfort, and its robust design, built to withstand the rigorous demands of frequent use. MCW responded to the taxi industry’s need for a dependable and efficient urban transportation solution with the creation of the Metrocab.

Meaning and history

Metrocab, born from the British automotive soil, traces its lineage to Metro Cammell Weymann’s 1970s vision. Officially hitting the roads in 1987, its taxis embraced practicality, from low floors to robust engines. Ownership shuffled, from MCW to Reliant in 1989, then Hooper, and Kamkorp by 2001. The Series II refresh in 1997 spiced up its looks, keeping pace with the times. However, the 2000s brought adversity, with production ceasing in 2006 after a short-lived revival. Metrocab’s journey from a prototype to a street staple reflects a drive for innovation met with economic reality​​​.

What is Metrocab?
Metrocab is an iconic British taxi manufacturer, renowned for producing purpose-built cabs for the urban public transport sector. With a focus on innovative design, it integrates modern technology and traditional taxi features, catering to the evolving demands of city transportation.

1987 – 2021

Metrocab logo

The logo features a bold, capitalized “METROCAB” in a sleek, sans-serif font, underlined by a thin, elegant line. A distinctive, green circle dots the ‘O’, infusing a splash of color into the predominantly black and white palette. The design conveys a sense of modernity and professionalism, emblematic of the company’s ethos.

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