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MTX is an automaker based in the Czech Republic, owned by the Metalex company. Founded in the 1960s, it specializes in the design and manufacturing of sports and racing cars. With a strong presence in Central Europe, MTX operates mainly within the Czech Republic and neighboring countries. The company has participated in various international auto events, gaining a reputation for producing unique, high-performance vehicles.

Meaning and history

MTX Logo history

MTX was established in the 1960s in the Czech Republic and is a subsidiary of the Metalex company. It focuses on creating specialized sports and racing cars, catering to a niche market. Over the years, MTX has made a name for itself by participating in international racing events and launching limited-edition sports cars that boast high performance and unique design. These achievements have positioned MTX as a significant player in the specialized automotive sector in Central Europe. As of the latest data, MTX continues to develop new models, maintaining its dedication to quality and performance. The company has its primary operations in the Czech Republic but has extended its market reach to neighboring countries as well.

What is MTX?
MTX is a Czech automaker specializing in sports and racing cars. Owned by Metalex, the company was established in the 1960s and is known for its high-performance, limited-edition vehicles. MTX primarily operates in Central Europe and has participated in various international auto events.

1969 – 1970

MTX Logo 1969

The original logo of the Czech automaker, introduced in 1969, featured just one element — a bold uppercase logotype in black, set against a transparent background. The inscription was executed in a slightly italicized yet stable serif typeface with massive serifs and distinctive heavy bars.

1970 – now

MTX Logo

The redesign of 1970 has created a badge, which is still used by the brand today. It is a horizontally-oriented banner with a white background and a thin blue rectangular frame, where the massive geometric MTX and realization is Dr in blue and white, followed by four horizontal red lines, creating an image resembling the American flag.