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Movies7 is the name of a streaming website, which has a large catalog of video content available for watching. Different categories of video (including movies, tv-shows, and series) can easily be browsed through a very convenient website menu.

Meaning and history

Movies7 is one of the most popular online destinations for those looking for a movie streaming platform, where no registration and payments are needed. All the latest releases and iconic films can be found here. The website is being updated regularly, so for those who don’t like to waste a minute waiting for the latest episode of their favorite series, it’s the place to be!

The interface of the website is warm and modern, with its menu conveniently categorized and its search engine allowing to find the needed movie not only by its name but by keywords as well.

What is Movies7?

Movies7 is a website with one of the best movie and tv-series collections available online. The website offers its visitors to stream all the latest blockbusters as well as iconic movies and animations, for free and with no registration.

In terms of visual identity, Movies7 looks very professional and stylish. The main element of its logo is the emblem, executed in a warm yet energetic shade of orange, which evokes a sense of friendliness and confidence.

2020 – Today

Movies7 logo
The emblem, designed for the Movies7 website in 2020 features a modern stylized side-view image of a video camera, facing to the right. The drawing is contoured in bold orange lines and set over a dark gray background, on the left from the bold white logotype. As for the lettering, it is executed in a title case of a contemporary sans-serif typeface with traditional contours and cuts of the letters’ bars.

For the web icon, the website uses a minimalistic emblem, where the solid orange triangle, placed as a Play button, is set on a dark gray, almost black, roundel. Laconic yet super confident and professional badge brilliantly represents the purpose and essence of the website.

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