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Smihub is the name of an online service, which was created to help Instagram users to view stories from the browser. The platform allows you to anonymously look through the accounts, and even download the content to your device.

Meaning and history

SmiHub is the service, which is more than just actual Today when almost every person has an Instagram account. Designed for the needs of social media users, this platform allows you to check the profiles of people from all over the world, without being noticed. View stories, photos, and videos, and download them on your computer or phone.

What is Smihub?

SmiHub is the online service created for viewing photos and stories on Instagram, staying anonymous. The platform is absolutely free for users and allows you to not only view the content but also download it.

It is definitely one of the most popular platforms of its kind, and it’s all due to a super easy and convenient interface. You just type in the account name and that’s it!

In terms of visual identity, the service has been pretty constant, building the logo on massive shapes and bright colors, though with no additional ornaments and details.

2020 – Today

Smihub Logo

The SmiHub logo is based on the name of the service, written in graffiti-style capitals with softened angles and diagonal orientation of the bars. The logo is set in two colors — pink and green, with the first part of the inscription set in simple flat pink style, and the second, green one, shadowed with pink. The whole logo is set on a plain black background, which adds brightness and character to the composition.

The unique shapes of the letters and an interesting color palette are what make the SmiHub logo recognizable and memorable, it helps the service to stand out in the list of its competitors, and also does show the purpose of the platform, being modern and progressive.

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