Mountain Dew Logo

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Mountain Dew Logo
Mountain Dew is a brand of beverage, produced by PepsiCo since 1940. The drink is well-Known across the globe and is distributed worldwide.

Meaning and history

Mountain Dew Logo history

The Mountain Dew visual identity was always text-based and used green color as its main one. The very first logo was created in 1948 and stayed with the brand for more than twenty years. It was a simple white wordmark on a green background. The lettering was executed in a smooth handwritten sans-serif typeface, which was slightly narrowed.
In 1969 red color appears on the Mountain Dew logo. The typeface is modernized and now looks artsy and contemporary. The green color of the “Mountain” is prevailing on the emblem, but the red “Dew”, placed under it, makes a bright accent.
In 1996 the Mountain Dew logo gains a sharp white framing, this was the start of a chain of redesigns, that led to the current logo. In 1999 the frame was refined and the green shadow was added, while the font of the wordmark became more confident and strong.
Mountain Dew Logo
In 2009, the brand created a new logo, with the bold two-colored frame and enlarged lettering of red “Dew”. It looks energetic and powerful due to the sharp distinct angles of the emblem. It was also in 2009 when the brand started shortening its name to “MNT Dew”. The packaging with the new lanes was in use only in the USA until 2016.
The current Mountain Dew logo is a sharp black and green framing of a white background and green and red nameplate on it. The modern bold typeface of the lettering looks dynamic and masculine, evoking a sense of strength and excitement.