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El Tesoro is a revered tequila brand steeped in tradition. Currently, they’re dedicated to crafting premium tequilas using age-old methods. With the pristine highlands of Jalisco, Mexico as its source, the brand maintains a notable presence in major markets globally. Today, it operates under the umbrella of Beam Suntory, a multinational company known for its diverse spirits portfolio. El Tesoro’s commitment to preserving its artisanal approach, combined with Beam Suntory’s vast distribution network, ensures its continued prominence in the competitive tequila landscape.

Meaning and history

El Tesoro, translating to “The Treasure,” boasts a rich lineage rooted in the tequila heartland of Jalisco, Mexico. Founded in 1937 by Don Felipe Camarena, the brand is synonymous with tradition. The Camarena family’s passion for tequila can be traced back to the 1800s, with Don Felipe leveraging ancestral knowledge to establish his distillery, La Alteña.

Nestled in the highlands of Jalisco, La Alteña became renowned for its artisanal production methods. El Tesoro was one of the few brands to resist modern shortcuts, staying true to the age-old tahona method for crushing agave, preserving the plant’s natural flavors.

Over decades, the brand faced challenges but remained steadfast in its commitment to quality. Ownership transitioned within the Camarena family, with each generation adding their touch while honoring the founder’s vision. Carlos Camarena, Don Felipe’s grandson, notably took the helm, further enhancing the brand’s reputation by emphasizing sustainable practices and innovation.

The 21st century marked a pivotal turn for El Tesoro. Recognizing its potential, global spirits giant Beam Suntory acquired it. This transition bolstered the brand’s global footprint, without compromising its core values or artisanal approach.

Today, El Tesoro stands as a testament to the harmony of traditional craftsmanship and modern entrepreneurship, ever shining as Jalisco’s treasured gem in the world of tequila.


El Tesoro Logo

The emblem showcased on the brand’s tequila bottles prominently displays a “tahona” hard at work, pulverizing the prepped piñas. This illustration serves as a tribute to age-old agave preparation techniques, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to time-honored craftsmanship. It’s a clear nod to a time when artisans revered the slow, deliberate process, ensuring only the purest flavors and richest aromas. The symbol not only reflects tradition but also underscores the high-quality essence of the brand. For those acquainted with tequila’s rich history, this iconography immediately communicates the brand’s premium positioning and deep respect for ancestral methods, making it stand out in a market crowded with contemporary brands.