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The varsity teams representing the athletic program of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley compete under the name of the Texas–Rio Grande Valley Vaqueros (alternatively the Rio Grande Vaqueros or the UTRGV Vaqueros).

Meaning and history

UTRGV Vaqueros Logo history

The UTRGV Vaqueros, the athletic symbol of the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, trace their origins to the university’s inception in 2013, born from the merger of the University of Texas at Brownsville and the University of Texas–Pan American. This fusion marked the beginning of a new era in collegiate athletics in the southern Texas region.

In the realm of sports, the Vaqueros have etched their name with impressive feats. Notably, their men’s soccer team made an indelible impression by storming into the Western Athletic Conference tournament in their very first season, a testament to their burgeoning prowess. Similarly, the women’s basketball team has consistently demonstrated their competitive spirit, frequently challenging for top honors in their conference. These milestones not only highlight the athletic talent at UTRGV but also underscore the university’s commitment to nurturing a harmonious balance between sports and academia.

As of now, the UTRGV Vaqueros are on an upward trajectory, continually striving to surpass their past achievements in sports while upholding their academic standards. This pursuit mirrors the dynamic and ever-evolving landscape of college athletics, where sporting excellence and academic achievements are intertwined.

What is UTRGV Vaqueros?
UTRGV Vaqueros is the name of a college athletic team from Texas, where UTRGV stands for the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The program has seven men’s and seven women’s teams in various sport directions.

1984 – 2009

UTRGV Vaqueros Logo-1984
The badge, used by the Vaqueros since the middle of the 1980s featured a smooth and solid orange image of the horse silhouette with no lettering and additional details on it. The animal was depicted in profile, facing to the right, and looked bright and modern, reflecting the character and values of the club.

2009 – 2014

UTRGV Vaqueros Logo-2010
The redesign of 2010 completely changed the style of the club’s logo, making it text-based and replacing the main color of the composition with green. Though orange was still present on the emblem — it was a color of the additional UTPA lettering, set above the main “Broncs” wordmark, which was executed in an extended and ExtraBold stylized typeface with a thin white outline. Both parts of the logotype were placed on a solid green background.

2015 – 2022

UTRGV Vaqueros Logo 2015

The athletic program has two preferred logos. The one nicknamed “Star V” features a large “V” in two shades of orange with navy trim. The white gap between the two bars is covered with a five-pointed green star. The second UTRGV Vaqueros logo showcases the lettering “UTRGV.”

The logos combine the orange colors of the primary palette with the accent colors (navy and green).

2022 – Today

UTRGV Vaqueros Logo

The logo features the acronym “UTRGV” for the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. The letters are stylized in bold, orange font with white and dark blue trim, giving a three-dimensional effect. The acronym is superimposed on the outline of the state of Texas, which is filled with a deep green color. Inside the outline of Texas, there is a single, five-pointed white star with an orange border placed near the bottom, suggesting the location of the university within the state. The overall design conveys a sense of energy and Texan pride.

UTRGV Vaqueros Colors

RGB: (255,163,0)
CMYK: (0,41,100,0)

HEX COLOR: #F05023;
RGB: (240,80,35)
CMYK: (0,84,98,0)

HEX COLOR: #00843D;
RGB: (0,132,61)
CMYK: (96,2,100,12)

HEX COLOR: #0C2340;
RGB: (12,35,64)
CMYK: (100,76,12,70)

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