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Grand Prix motorcycle racing is the top class of motorcycle road racing events that take place on road circuits sanctioned by the FIM. Since 2002, the top division is called MotoGP.

Meaning and history

MotoGP Logo history
The MotoGP logo has always preserved the same core. Yet, it has been slightly tweaked once in its history.

1949 — 1999

MotoGP Logo 1949
The championship was initially called FIM World Championship. This logo of theirs said just that in grey letters. ‘FIM’ was written in bigger, tilted characters above the rest of the wordmark. Moreover, the central letters was positioned to look like a wheel of a motorcycle if looked at from the front. The rest of the motorcycle (with a driver) was drawn in some detail around it.

2000 — 2007

MotoGP Logo 2000

If you take a look at the original version, you will see the combination of black rhombuses of various sizes with the wordmark. The wordmark has two parts: the lettering “moto” is red, while the “gp” is black. The color is used to break down the name of the brand into meaningful parts, and thus help the reader “decipher” the word.
The italicized letters and the diagonal theme in the rhombuses make the design look dynamic.

2007 — Today

MotoGP logo

The emblem has become streamlined and more dynamic. This is partly because some of the angles of the rhombuses have been rounded and partly due to the sleeker typeface.
The word “MotoGP” is now all red. However, there is still a border between the two meaningful parts of the brand’s name due to the different letter case (“moto” is lowercase, while “GP” is uppercase).


The current MotoGP logo features a dynamic type. The implied motion comes partly from the rounded angles and partly from the fact that the letters are italicized.


The combination of black and a slightly cooled-down shade of red has been used as the main color scheme since 2000. It is eye-catching enough without being too noisy.