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Honkbal Hoofdklasse is the name of a professional baseball league, which was founded in the Netherlands in 1922, and by today has become the number one organization in this sport discipline in its country.

Meaning and history

In translation from Dutch, “Honkbal Hoofdklasse” means “Major League Baseball.” The league, which includes eight franchises, represents the highest level of professional baseball in the Netherlands.

The current champions of the league, Amsterdam Pirates, joined the HH in 1987, and since then managed to win the trophy five times, which is almost four times less than the Rotterdam Neptunes, the undisputed champion of Honkbal Hoofdklasse, with 19 titles won from 1981 to 2018.

What is Honkbal Hoofdklasse?

Honkbal Hoofdklasse is the most reputable baseball league in the Netherlands, which was established in 1922, and by today is composed of eight teams-members. The team, that won the most titles (19) throughout the history of the league is the Neptunes from Rotterdam.

As for the visual identity, the professional baseball league from the Netherlands follows the traditional and simple design concept, based on clean contours and an iconic blue and red color palette. The light blue wordmark with a Royal symbol, followed by the red contoured graphics, look simple yet elegant and timeless.

???? – Today

Honkbal Hoofdklasse logo

The Honkbal Hoofdklasse logo depicts an abstract player (without any reference to a specific athlete) clutching a baseball bat. The player is white, while the outline is bright red. To the left, there’s the abbreviation “KNBSB” and a crown in blue. This element emphasizes that the League is supported by the Royal Netherlands Baseball and Softball Federation.

The bold and sleek typeface of the uppercase abbreviation is very similar to one of the Congress Family fonts, with the interesting and recognizable shapes of the serifs and smooth thick lines of the letters.

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